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August 18, 2012
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Chapter Six - Take the Pain Away

     I realized it wasn't my normal laugh. It had more of an evil tone to it; like I was going insane. 'No! I couldn't be going insane because… because I thought I was going insane. No insane person would wonder if they were insane, would they? I don't know. Wait they're looking at me. Why are they staring at me like that?' Toby was transmitting messages to Felix telepathically apparently. They kept glancing at me with wary eyes.

     "What?" All laughter had stopped, leaving the room speechless.

     "Cry… I'm not trying to scare you but I think you need some help." Felix was inching closer with extra caution. It was like he thought I was going to lash out at him. Suddenly I felt angry he didn't trust me.

     "What do you mean I need help? Are you saying I'm crazy, is that what you're saying, Pewds?"

     "That's not what I meant." His hands were held out towards me as if to say calm down. I didn't want to calm down. The glances he continuously gave to Toby told me he was lying. "You're hurt. Just let me help you."

     "Get away from me!" I shoved his arms away from me, backing into the wall again. "Don't fucking touch me."

     The longer I stood there the more frustrated I became with the ringing in my ears. There was too much noise when there was no sound at all. Something wasn't right. I couldn't think straight and all I wanted was to get away. That's what I had to do then.

     "Felix, he's gunna swing!" I heard Toby warn just moments before my fist connected with Felix's jaw. The blonde released a loud yelp of pain, stumbling backwards. There was a second I stood there. I stood staring at my friend as his hand cupped his jaw and stared back at me with pain, confusion and… hatred in his eyes. Despite that I felt nothing; I heard nothing; I was nothing. So I ran. On the way out Toby's hand gripped my shirt but I spun out of it and fumbled my way through the door.

     The halls passed by in a blur. I couldn't keep any direction straight, especially considering I would face plant every couple yards. For all I knew I could've been running in circles though it really didn't matter. Finally I just couldn't get back up. Instead I crawled into a corner and just sat. There was ringing and hissing and words and nothing would shut up.

     "Shut up! Shut the fuck up!!!" I pressed my hands to my temples in frustration but as my fingers brushed the cool surface of the mask I wore, they seemed to have a mind of their own. With more rage I removed it and frisbee'd it down the hall. I heard it clatter off the ground a couple times before everything went silent. Everything but that voice and that incessant ringing sound. Footsteps weaved their way into my thoughts. Suddenly I was on my feet and running again. Every time I looked back it was closer; some kind of disfigured human creature, like the monsters I'd seen upon entering this black hole of a castle.

     "Cry!" How did it know my name? I didn't want to find out. Another glance back showed that it was inches away, reaching for me. A crack in the ground tripped me up to where my face really did meet the cobblestone below me. My hands held my face as I rolled onto my back in pain. That thing was on top of me, trapping me. It had a hold of my wrists. It was yelling but I couldn't understand anything. The words were muffled as if I was underwater which only made me flail more, actually believing I was underwater.  Not to mention liquid kept splashing over my face, mostly my mouth. After having no choice but to drink the strange liquid I immediately felt something click in my brain. I slowed my movements, wondering why I was so upset in the first place. Toby appeared out of the fog in my mind in the place of the monster.

     "When did you get there? What happened to the monster?"

     "It was me, Cry, the whole time."

     "Oh… oh… ohkay. I'm sorry friend." He waved it off with a smile.

     "We've already been there, bro. No worries." Felix stepped up to us with a humorous look in his eyes as he glanced at Toby. He had something in his hands which he handed to me. It was my mask. There was a scratch along the forehead of it but I put it back on anyway. It was then that they helped me stand up, feeding me a laudanum for good measure. We took a few steps and I felt my world shake. My stomach was on fire all of the sudden. As I looked down I noticed a metal object piercing through my skin. Then I felt it slipping out of the wound it had just created. Slowly I just collapsed on the ground.

     Everything went dead quiet. I looked up to see Felix and Toby saying words but I couldn't hear anything. They seemed quite upset. Felix was in my face, yelling by the looks of it but I couldn't do anything because I had no idea what he was saying. Instead I tried to focus on his mouth to figure out words.

     "Toby, where's the supplies?"

     "That was it. That's all they gave us." I could see him since he was standing over me now as well. "There really isn't any way around this."

     "No! We will not lose anyone else alright. There's got to be a way." Toby stood then and began pacing the room with a very concerned expression on his face. He was thinking about something rather intently. I looked to Felix with a wonder of what he was thinking so hard about. It turned out I came in on the midst of his sentence. "-ll be okay."

     I wasn't worried about that though. Somewhere along the lines I gained some strength to speak and I couldn't even hear that…

     "Please, Felix, just- just take the pain away. "
I particularly loved writing this chapter. I feel extremely bad about hurting Cry so much buuuut. I like action and this is good action correct? No? I'm just a horrible person, aren't I? Yeah, that's probably it... XD

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Comment if ya like it, favorite if ya really like it, share this schtuff how ya do. Whether you did or not, does not change the fact that my name is JC Lee, I love yo faces and I will see you next time.

Cry: ChaoticMonki
Felix: PewDiePie / Pewdie
Toby: Tobuscus / TobyTurner / TobyGames

=] - JC Lee
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YamiDawn33 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gawd, this chapter- I faucking LOVE this chapter!!! It's so intense!! I Love It!!! Merf~
ShadowWolf718 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Student Writer
Haha well thank you! :) I'm happy to hear that it was that good :D
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Nah, you're an amazing person. This is good action. I'm a horrible person for liking that he's in pain. I scold myself. :'(
ShadowWolf718 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Student Writer
Awe why thank you and I too scold myself for the same thing so don't feel too bad, friend.
tmmawesome Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013
:D :P Yeah, I love it when main characters are horribly injured or break down and then get better *They HAVE to get better*. I don't know why... O.O Ah well. :)
ShadowWolf718 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Student Writer
Haha I know that feeling. It's intriguing to figure out just how they become healed.
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